House Painting Preparation

Are you considering doing some home improvement projects inside your house and painting is on the list? It is evident that house painting will definitely give your house a new and great look just like a newly built one. It can be tiresome and expensive task however with less and inappropriate preparation before the start of your project.

Among several important things that one can be advised to take note on in the paint preparation, some are more basic and important. Here are the top three things to do in preparation for painting your home.

Determine how much paint, supplies and amount you need.

In this case, the gallons of paint needed is quite important; you do not want to have extra left at the end or worse off have your amount run out while you are just halfway. This can be very disappointing and more so expensive to do more orders of paint without forgetting it may take longer than expected to finish the project. To help determine the amount you need, you may consider the number of coats of paint you want to do as well as measure the square room footage.

Other than having right amounts of paint and a paintbrush, you also need a step ladder and roller extenders to ensure you reach house paintersall corners of the house in painting. Knowing the amount of paint and every other supply or material needed in the process will enable you to make a budget of your money. Budgeting is a very basic preparation step, one that will give you a piece of mind even at the end of the process.


There is need to make your walls ready for the house painting since it gives a good base for the paint to fit in. Once you have filled all present cracks and holes in the walls, it becomes even needier to do priming. This helps prevent shiny spots or flashing on your walls. It also gives assurance of an excellent finish and allows the use of less paint hence lowering the budget. However, it is important to note that as much as priming is important, cleaning the walls is a must whether you go for priming or not.

Test your color and consider the finish

What color do you want to see on your walls? Do you want a match with your assets or a contrast with them? More importantly, how does the color reflect on lighting your room? With all these questions to ask, the best and only solution to answer them is a test. This will give a rough idea what to expect from completing your project. If you cannot make a final decision on your chosen color, you may consider testing a few others to find which best impresses your eyes both during the day and at night. In addition the finish matters as much as the color. You can opt for a flat paint finish or a high gloss finish considering durability and ease of cleaning as well as an ability to hide or highlight imperfections.

Before the start of your painting project, consider the above things during the paint preparation. They will ensure that you get best results and satisfaction with the new look.

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